Microsoft Word has a very basic easy general creation because of its simple tools and methods. However there are a few things that are hard to do, things such as being more imaginative and broadening ideas so you have more extravagant products which you can do more inventive things with. It is especially hard with the variety and there is a limited amount of accessibility. Also on Word you cannot make things 3D unless you go through many tedious processes. The general creation of word is easy but simple and you can not be too creative as there are many restrictions.

This affects my logo design because I am restricted to what I can use and my ideas are not going to be put to the maximum it can display. However, Drawplus is very efficient to use and generally very professional and you could be very imaginative on it as well because the programme is designed for graphic artists. On Drawplus there are many tools which help when creating logos, there is a wide variety of Autoshapes and many different tools specific to creating complicated pictures.

This affects the logo quite a lot because it means that I can be creative with the logo and can overall produce a better image. On the other hand, Fireworks has a very easy theme to it and you have to know what you are doing and you have to know the programme very well before attempting anything, otherwise creating a logo will be very difficult on this programme as there are too many complicated procedures. This may be quite hard for the logo as if you don’t know how to use the programme you won’t be able to design the logo and it will take time to learn the unique system of Fireworks.

Another thing that has to be taken into consideration when choosing a programme to create a website on would be the text options. In the logo that I wish to create, the words “Chalk ‘n’ Cheese,” in bold, striking letters for the title and “Simple travel for the world,” in concise but simple font as the slogan will be used. Therefore, taking this into consideration, we have to analyse the text for each programme. Microsoft Word has many different fonts to choose from and there is a wide variety. However there aren’t many different styles of fonts, just a lot of fonts in that style.

Also you can do the writing in Word Art; however there aren’t many to choose from and it is very limited. However for the font you can choose what the fill colour and line colour are going to be. Also is you did not choose Word Art to do the writing then it is hard to move around and the flexibility of the writing is hard to control. So creating the words for the logo in Microsoft word will be easy but moving the words around freely to put in the right places will be difficult and the flexibility of the words will be hard to control.

In Drawplus there is also a wide variety of fonts available but once again there are many styles but not much range and variety in those styles. Also it is easy to resize the text because it is treated like a picture and there is a box with drag handles around it so you could just drag the handles and size the font to the one you prefer. Also it is very easy to change the colour as there is a HSL wheel to change the colour of font for fill and line. Also the size of the line can be chosen easily to your preference.

Also the effects on your writing can be changed efficiently by clicking on the brushes button. There are many effects on the writing to choose from. Therefore Drawplus would be perfect for the font in the logo as it has a wide variety of font types and also it can move a lot and it is resizable, however the colours for the fonts are not websafe therefore it cannot be viewed on every monitor. Fireworks also have a wide variety of fonts and when you scroll down to look through them their preview comes up on the right which is very handy.

Also the font sizing is easy because there is the drag box around the writing which means that I can resize by dragging the handles in or out. You can also just move the writing by clicking, dragging and dropping. This programme would also be very good for the logo creation as it has many font sizes to choose from and can be moved around easily. When creating a logo you also have to think about the different colour options available for each different programme. On the logo there will be the compulsory red, blue and white as they are the company colours but there will also be black and brown.

We also have to think about websafe colours when choosing colours for the logo. Word has many different colours which are available to use. Some of these colours were websafe which means that they are easily accessible anywhere however there are many other colours which are not websafe and it is hard to get the exact same colour again without using the colour selector tool. Also if you want to edit the websafe colours, for example make it darker or lighter this doesn’t make them websafe anymore so you have to be careful on what colour to use.

Therefore this programme is good for the logo because it has all the different colours needed to use for the logo and also the colours are all websafe which means it can be available on any computer. Microsoft Word may have had websafe colours but using Drawplus is very efficient when it comes to the colours which are not websafe. There are many ways the colours can be shown. There is a drop down menu to choose how you would like each to be shown. There is the choice of HSL wheel, HSL square, RGB sliders, CMYK sliders and tinting.

However all of the colours on this programme are not websafe which means that not all monitors will be able to display them and this is bad because the logo will be going on the website, which will be viewed by customers and if their monitor cant show the logo there is a problem and again it would be hard to find the exact same colour without using the colour selector tool. However there are very many different colours to choose from on Drawplus for the logo. Also there is the option of Fireworks, which has a very big variety of colours where some are websafe and some are not.

The colours can be viewed in different ways on this programme as well and there is also a choice on fill colours and line colour on this programme. This programme is quite appropriate for the logo as there are options on whether the logo colours are websafe or not and assign tot his there is a wide variety of colours. Shapes are also an important aspect to take into consideration when creating a logo. In the logo there is a brown coloured helm and two flags (British and French). There are shapes which are available in Microsoft Word in a group called Auto shapes.

It offers a wide variety of shapes and the shapes are easy to resize because they have drag handles. Drawplus and Fireworks also had the option of Autoshapes which was very similar to Microsoft Word but they had a wider variety and range of shapes. Also on Drawplus and Fireworks there were more things you could do with the shapes, for example, there was the choice of making a shape 3D in Drawplus and this can be very useful. Using Microsoft word would be hard to create the helm as it has many autoshapes which fit the description of the steering wheel but do not join up neatly enough to make it look professional.

The helm is very complicated and too curvy to design in Microsoft word and you cannot use a picture as this is copyright. The creation of the helm will probably be the easiest on Drawplus because it has a lot of variety of tools which allow you to be creative. There are also a variety of different shapes which you can choose from and you can also overlap and make layers and you can also use the line tool. Using fireworks for the helm would be reasonable as well but may be complicated as there are a lot of steps to go through and you have to know the programme quite well.

Also fireworks doesn’t offer that many different shapes but once you have a basic structure it is easy to work on and you can be very creative. The flags are very easy to do on Microsoft word as they only consist of rectangles but the layering and filling of the shapes may be quite hard and fiddly to do on Microsoft Word, however to get the exact same shape you can use the cut and paste tool which is very handy. On Drawplus the flags are very easy to do as they have autoshape and also the cut and past tool. Also the layering of the shapes is easy to do and therefore it is easy to get the desired look.

The flags are quite simple to do on fireworks and it takes a lot of steps to do them though. There is also the cut and paste tool for this programme as well so the two flags will look similar in size. When you create a logo you also have to think about how you are going to export or save an image once it has been created. Exporting an image is easy to do when concerning Drawplus and Fireworks, however with Microsoft Word you can only copy and paste it into paint, which decreases the resolution and ruins the logo meaning the colour isn’t great either.

Using all this information on different software, I would recommend Drawplus as the programme used to create the website as because of its specification as it was designed to be used in creating complicated designs and therefore would be perfect for the creation of the logo. WEBSITE SOFTWARE COMPARISON There are many different types of software which can be used in the creation of the website including: MS Word, Dreamweaver, Pageplus and Notepad. First of all the type of editor ms word and flash are both visual but Dream weaver is visual and coded.

Visual means that what you see is what you get whereas coded means that you have to use the HTML code to do anything. Also the prices of these are varying. The least expensive is Microsoft word where you get Microsoft office for i?? 231, then i?? 279 for dream weaver and then the most expensive is Macromedia Flash for i?? 360. There is also the consistency that you have to think about when designing web pages. Are the pages going to be all consistent or are they going to be different and disorganised.

First of all for dream weaver you can use templates which allow you to lock down the pieces which appear on every page making them the same but also have editable regions to edit the bits that you want to differ on each page. For Microsoft word there isn’t a specific consistency way but there is copy and pasting and there is also the fact that you can save pages and open it after and with Flash you have the freedom of choice whether you want to make it consistent or not but with flash you rarely need to make it consistent as flash is generally used for designing graphics.

Another thing you have to think about when designing webs are accessible fonts, images and web safe colours. When using dream weaver there is the option of family fonts, which is good for when you don’t have a specific font on your computer but you have a different font which is in the same family you can use that one. For dream weaver there are also images which can be sized by percentage so if you are using Internet on your phone or on a wide screen computer then it will still be a good size in comparison to your screen.

Images on dream weaver also have alternative tags which means that if the picture doesn’t load up then you still have an idea of what the picture was. Also the palette on dream weaver is web safe and the colours all have codes which can be used on every computer so it is very practical and there are 216 of these colours so you have a wide variety of colours as well as good accessibility. However on Microsoft word there are no web safe colours and the palette is full of many different colours that you can change percentage of colours in. Microsoft word also has font sizes in points and they aren’t relative.

The images on Microsoft word also have alternative tags but the images are defined in pixels so it may take time to load up and the pictures may get distorted. On the other hand for Flash the image is all one and the font is stored as an image as well so it is very different to other web design. However the palette for Flash is also web safe so this is good. There is also file sizes and download times that you have to consider when creating web pages. In this case Flash’s file size is unknown but out of dream weaver and Microsoft word, dream weaver is 4kb and Microsoft word is 12.

3kb this means that dream weaver is faster to download and has a smaller file size. This is because Microsoft word has a lot of codes behind all the appearance this means the file size grows. The layout of web designing is also very important in the process of designing. For example dream weaver has a choice of tables and layers, layers for a more creative look and tables for a neat and tidy look. For Microsoft word there are only tables and for Flash there is once again the freedom of choice. The final thing that you have to think very carefully about is the final appearance of the whole web design when finished.

Dream weaver will give you a professional, well laid out, neat and tidy. Microsoft word will give you a neat tidy piece. However it is fitted to the size a4 dimensions so there will be large white gaps at the end. However for Flash there is once again the creative side and it can be full of choice and new ideas. Overall there are a wide variety of choices and a range but in the end they are all very different and unique in their own ways and they are all very good pieces of professional web designing programmes.