This help’s the company to meet its objectives because they can edit the advertising material of the system quickly and easily to meet the needs of the organisation more effectively so it’s not much of time consuming. The marketing project manager thinks that the processors are generally good for the work that they are used for. He also thinks that the main Software/program used by the marketing department is Corel Draw and Corel Draw photo shop. Both of these programs use a lot of memory space in the RAM and 512mb worth of memory may not be enough. How it meets the departments objectives: The Intel Pentium 4 processor helps the marketing department because it works very fast and does not crash most often and that was the major issue that they didn’t like before and also it can contain a lot more data then the processor that they used to use.

If the computer acts faster and allow the staff to work faster, then that means the designs that they have to produce will be of no trouble and can be produced in ease and if the designs are produced with no difficulty then that means that the department has met its objectives which is to advertise the company so that they get more customers and if this is met then the company’s main objective is covered which if for the company to get more new customers and for existing customers to keep coming. Alternative device or technology:

The alternative device/technology for this would be a RAM that contains a larger amount of memory space then a 512mb. Which could be a 1GB worth of memory in the RAM because then the more complicated and larger pieces of art can be created more faster and also these detailed pieces of work take up a lot of memory so if the company was to use a 1GB worth of memory it would be of no hassle to save these documents, and most importantly the computer would work much faster and would not crash most often like it would with the 512mb RAM.

Ports and Cables: Ethernet Cable: The marketing department’s computers are connected to a network using an Ethernet cable. The main advantage of the network is that it allows the staff at Leisure II to use any computer ether at home or at their working environment and still gain access to their files and documents via a special connection to the company’s intranet. Data can be shared in common folders that can be e-mailed to other members of staff allowing them to share work-related data. If consultants and approvers want to view the posters and leaflets then they can view these using a different computer than those at the marketing department.

So then they won’t have to walk over to the marketing department to have a spec over these pieces of work. This proves that having this connection is the biggest advantage of the Ethernet cable which is that the staff can easily share data between different departments within the organisations. How it meets the departments objectives: The Ethernet cable helps the marketing department to meet its objectives because the people who have to view the designs before approving them don’t have to walk all around the massive building to just judge the work and also it helps the staff by allowing them to edit the designs at any time or place all this is leading to one big advantage and that is that the Ethernet cable is not time consuming.

The Ethernet cable is a main aspect of the objectives at the marketing department because of it the department meets its objectives because the staff can work on the designs any time even if they are free at home so that means that the designs can be produced before the due date and not be late for advertising and that is one of the main objectives of the department and if that is met then it would result to the company meeting its objectives.

If each of the departments meets their main objectives then it is for certain that the company has met its objectives. Internet Connection Cable: The marketing department also has access to the internet via a modem. This helps the company to easily communicate with their suppliers and customers. They can also access their e-mail accounts electronically using the internet connection. The internet connection allows the e-mails to be sent to the servers such as hotmail or yahoo depending on the server they use.

This helps the staff to communicate easily with not just other members of staff but their customers as well, who are a big part of the main objectives that this department has at Leisure II which is to provide a full none stop service to their customers. The staff at Leisure II doesn’t just use the internet to send and receive e-mails; they use it to check up on their company web-site and to get customer feedback or even to get pictures for their art work. How it meets the departments objectives: The internet connection cable helps the marketing department to meet its objectives because it allows the staff at the marketing department to research on new poster themes and fonts and also to check out its competition.

If the marketing department creates attractive posters and leaflets then their will be more customers and that is the main objective of the company in order to do that they will need to produce excellent posters which attract the eyes of customers. Also the internet cable helps the marketing department to meet its objectives by allowing the staff to contact the customers and to analyse their feedback so that they can make changes. And if changes that the customers what are changed then that would result on more customers to visit the center and that means that the department has met its objectives and if the department has met its objectives then the company has also met its objectives.

All the departments and the objectives of the departments are linked with the company and its objectives. Alternative device or technology: An alternative device/technology for their internet connection would be a faster internet connection which blocks pop-ups so they don’t waste time on unnecessary things and also it would allow them to browse much faster then now in addition to that it would give them more memory space for downloads. Storage devices: USB Pen Drive: Some of the larger files are copied on to a USB using one of the USB port on the CPU unit. There are a number of memory spaces that a USB can contain and those are: 128mb, 256mb, 512mb or a 1GB and more.

The staff at the marketing department uses 1GB worth of memory on their USB because due to the sizes of the different posters and leaflets and other important document it would be most appropriate to use a large memory capacity on their USB. Once the complete sets of posters and leaflets have been successfully saved they then can be sent of to be approved by other but more official members of staff to be approved with out the need of the printer to print of the plans because it would be time consuming and a waste of resource. How it meets the departments objectives: A USB pen drive is one of the main aspects of the department meeting its objectives.

The USB pen drive helps the department to meet its objectives because it allows them to save all necessary data onto it so the data can not be lost this means that the data then can be produced and advertised and if the data is advertised successfully that that would mean that the marketing department has met its objectives which are to produce advertisements such as posters and leaflets and also to find new ways to advertise the company so at least part one of the objective has been achieved and part two to still be accomplished.

Alternative device or technology: An alternative technology to a USB would be a CD because on a CD you can store more files and documents on it and it is most appropriate to store back up files on CD then a USB because you could make more copies of the CD and also send it in the post for other reasons. Hard Disc Drive: The marketing department sometimes stores minor files and documents locally on the hard drive of the computer.

The hard drive’s at Leisure II are 40GB which is a large amount of memory for a normal standard computer that someone would use at home for their personal use but for the people at Leisure II it is quite small because the marketing department contains detailed contracts and state of the art posters and leaflets. The hard drive is used to store small files for smaller contracts and for other important documents or folders that they might need in the near future for reference. How it meets the departments objectives: The hard disc drive helps the marketing department to meet its objectives in the same manner as the USB pen drive because they both are used for the same purposes.

The only difference between them is that the hard disc drive is used to only save minor sized data however the USB pen drive is used to save huge sized data. They both lead to the job being done in success so it does not make a difference of which device is being used it is just commonsense to use both methods of storage devices. Alternative device or technology: An alternative device/technology for the 40GB hard disc drive would be a hard disc drive with a larger capacity of memory space then 40GB it would result on the computer working faster and not crashing much often which is a major problem for the marketing department especially when the work is not saved.