Hydrogen Peroxide

To test out how the concentration of hydrogen peroxide affects the rate of reaction first set up the apparatus below. 1. Add 2cm3 of yeast to one test tube. Add 4cm3 of hydrogen peroxide solution at a concentration of 20% to the other test tube. Use a pipette to measure out the volumes. It is […]

The resistance increases or decreases

The aim of this investigation is to find out whether the resistance increases or decreases as the length of wire increases. The key factor that I plan to investigate is the length of wire, and I will alter the lengths of wire, and measure the resistance during the investigation using an ammeter and a voltmeter. […]

The resistance increases or decreases

Does the length of wire in a circuit affect the resistance? Plan The aim of this investigation is to find out whether the resistance increases or decreases as the length of wire increases. The key factor that I plan to investigate is the length of wire, and I will alter the lengths of wire, and […]

Diagram Relevant information

Method- To conduct this experiment I will firstly wrap 25 coils of wire around a soft iron core. I will then create a complete circuit with an ammeter in series and a voltmeter in parallel. As a variable I will be setting the voltage to 10 volts on the adjustable power supply, which means the […]

The potential divider circuit

To design, make, test and evaluate a strain gauge sensor. The sensor has to detect how the change in strain on a wire affects the voltage across the wire. Reasoning behind aim: I have chosen the strain gauge because it is Interesting as well as challenging. The strain gauge presents many different variables and complications, […]

Design Brief

Design a toothbrush holder, which will be used in a bathroom. Mr. Tooth, the toothbrush should be able to amuse children while they brush. A metronome timer must be used to time for three minutes and you should not be able to put back the toothbrush until then. The metronome timer will be shown in […]

HCl and no water

The investigation we are performing is about the concentration of hydrochloric acid on powdered marble, and what effect it has on the reaction and the amount of gas produced. My aim is to demonstrate how the changing concentration of the hydrochloric acid affects the amount of carbon dioxide produced when it is added to marble […]

Letter to marketing manager

The issue I am writing to you about has been on the News, in Magazines and in all the daily newspapers. It is a global problem, which needs to be addressed by all major world powers. On a more basic level, I feel that supermarkets, with their buying power, could influence governments by sourcing products, […]

Learning styles

Different people learn in different ways, this is because we all have different learning styles. There are many factors that influence peoples learning styles and processes. Some of these include; attitude – if someone takes an ‘I don’t care’ attitude to your work then they wont do as well. They need to have a positive […]

Focus to detail

A receptionist is a person whose main duty is to answer the telephone and greet customers. They are usually at a desk in the waiting area. A receptionist is the first person that the client will meet hence they are the ones that make the first impressions. Hence they need to have certain skills and personal […]

Good character

Qualifications: to be a nurse you will need these qualifications: Hold a degree or diploma in nursing 5 GCSES or equivalent at grade C or above. Must be able to demonstrate evidence of literacy, numeracy and good character. Skills: The skills you will need to be a nurse is that you will need to be able to communicate right, […]

Job Descriptions

Hiring and retaining a quality employee is difficult. That is why a good hire starts with an excellent job description. Job descriptions are crucial for hiring and retaining the best workers. Often employees are lead to believe a job is one thing only to be disappointed to find that the employment is not as satisfying […]

The gain of kinetic energy

To investigate how gravitational potential energy in a ball bearing is transformed into kinetic energy when it is released from rest at the top of a runway and it slides to the bottom and rolls on the bench along a distance of 1 metre. Prediction As energy can’t be created or destroyed, the amount of […]

The LCD display

I have chosen to construct and test an anemometer. An anemometer is a sensor that is able to measure wind speed. Some anemometers measure wind speed and temperature, which I had initially planned to do. I decided this would be too complicated and not viable with the time and resources available. Background information: An anemometer […]