Easy contrast

Russell here shows the audience an easy contrast between the classes, and how they are judged due to their position in the social class system. He shows the audience how hard it to break- free from the social class, and how that once you are in the lower class, you are stuck in rut. He […]

The opening act

There is no suspense in the play of Blood Brothers; the audience are introduced to the play with the two dead bodies of the two brothers. The audience are then taken on a flash back through the events of their lives, on a track to find how they came to die. The suspense is also […]

A fantastic time

Now I knew how to play a child, I could demonstrate the physicality of Eddie and Mickey by using gestures. Both used very different body movements to the other. Mickey was confident and powerful compared to Eddie who was intimidated by Mickey and preferred to go along with anything that Mickey said. Mickey was upfront, […]

The electrons vibrate

My prediction is that as the length of wire is increased the resistance will increase also; it will be directly proportional. This can be explained scientifically. Current is a free moving flow of electrons. Resistance reduces the flow of electrons. This resistance occurs when the electrons, that are attracted to the positive side of the […]

Factors affecting the resistance of a wire

Resistance is a substance of resisting the flow of an electrical current. The quantity of resistance in an electric circuit. It controls the amount of current flowing in the circuit. The unit of resistance is the ohm. The standard abbreviation for electric resistance is R . The electrical calculation which is used to find out […]

Hydrogen peroxide

Introduction Enzymes are types of proteins that exist in living organisms to catalyse reactions which break down the enzyme’s substrate into its component parts. Enzymes do this by binding onto the substrate with the active site of the enzyme. This is the specific part of the enzyme designed to break down the substrate. The active […]

The rate of reaction

The Collision Theory says that the role of a catalyst is to provide the reaction with an extra, alternative pathway for the reaction to occur; the activation energy for this alternative pathway is less than the activation energy for the reaction without the catalyst. As a result, more of the particles have energy greater than […]

The Active site

he aim of this experiment is to find out how temperature effects the rate of a reaction between Hydrogen Peroxide and yeast. Prediction I predict that as temperature increases so will the rate of the reaction (up to a certain temperature, at which it will no longer ‘function’). Once the temperature gets to 50i?? C, […]

Distilled water Stopwatch 

Experiment to find the effect of change of concentration on the rate of reaction Introduction Na2S2O3 + 2HCl —> 2NaCl + S + H20 + S02 I am going to be studying the rate of reaction between hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium thiosulphate (Na2S2O3). By varying the concentration of sodium thiosulphate (using water to dilute […]

Ethics in the world of Genetic Engineering

Another very complicated process is the replacing of the defected gene and there is no guaranteed success. The organisation Animal Aid also recognises the problem of the mass production of biological substances such as insulin. It believes it could lead to ‘over-prescribing’, especially with children and growth hormone. Also, British physicist Joseph Rotblat says genetic […]

Boron-coated steel rods

Throughout the whole history of mankind, one thing is apparent and that is: just as we need food and water, we also need energy. When I say energy, I don’t mean energy that is in our bodies. I mean energy that keeps us going for machines. It also seems that the more advanced our society […]

British council of disabled people

Settling down and starting a family is what many couples have in mind. It’s a life changing decision the many indivisual choose to endure, however, obstacles and complications have delayed couples from fulfilling their goal. Leaving the chances of pregnancy aside, couples try to prevent many issues that occur with their newborns – infectious and […]

Electronics project report

These are the tasks and dates of my project; Introduction to project (1) 18th December  Introduction to project (2) and issue of planning form 8th January.  Plan project between 10th January & 7th February. Hand in planning form and order components 7th February.  Practical work 18th February to 21st March  Project photographed 21st March  Report […]

The amount of copper deposited affected

The aim of this experiment is to find out what effect the change in voltage has upon the amount of copper deposited in 5 minutes. The voltages I will be using are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12volts; I will use these voltages because they are the only ones available on the power pack. […]