Design and test

It is common after a days work people take a bath and there are countless occasions the water is not hot enough. Many have often wondered why there is not some kind of product on the market to deal with this problem, something to sense the temperature of the water inside a domestic hot water […]

Electricity and Magnetism

To establish the relationship between the heights from which the ball bearing was dropped and the depth of the crater created in the sand. Apparatus: – – 1 x clamp (stand) – Somewhere to record your results. – 1 x ball bearing (0. 0165kg) – 1 x Boss head – 1 x tray full of […]

Practical Design

The aim of this project is to design, build and test a simple AM radio receiver, which can receive only one radio station, namely Virgin AM (1. 215MHz), with the budget constrain of i?? 6. 30. This paper explains the circuitry and design choices for the radio. It consists of 6 different sections: Signal detection, […]

The wires of copper

Introduction Planning – Aims, Variables, Fair Test, Prediction, Hypothesis Planning – Apparatus, Procedure Planning -Procedure of temperature, measurement, safe rules Obtaining Analyse – Table 1 Analyse – Table 2 Analyse – Table 3 Analyse – Table 4 Analyse – Table 5 Analyse – Table 6 Analyse – Table 7 Analyse – Table 8 Analyse – […]

The pepsin concentration

After finishing the practical section of this experiment, I recorded all the results in a table and constructed two graphs. One of the graphs represents the rate of the reaction on the vertical (y axis), and the pH on the horizontal (x axis). The other graph I drew, shows the time in seconds on the […]

The first reaction with baking soda

OBJECTIVES: 1. To observe the physical and chemical properties of several substances. 2. To decide whether certain observed changes are physical or chemical. 3. To experience several methods of separating mixtures. MATERIALS: 1. ring stand, ring, gauze 12. Bar Magnet 2. burner 13. Distilled water 3. stirring rod 14. Table sugar (sucrose) 4. magnesium ribbon […]

Open book paper – polymers

High-density Poly(ethene) (hdpe), has fewer branched chains and so can line up closer together and therefore take up less room, so has a higher density. Low density poly(ethene) High density poly(ethene) Plastics are substances that are not as springy as elastomers, which are soft and spring and easily reformed after deformation, but undergo permanent or […]

The following formulae

Introduction: An electric current (D. C. – direct current) is a flow of charge from the positive terminal of a cell to the negative terminal. The charge is carried by conduction electrons, which are not fixed to a particular ion – they are called free electrons. When p. d. (potential difference) is applied across the […]

The former are examples

“Ohm’s Law states that the current through a metallic conductor at constant temperature is proportional to the potential difference. (p. d. ). Thus p. d. over current is constant. ” GCSE Text Book. What is resistance? Resistance is defined as voltage over current. The unit of resistance is the ohm (? ). So; Resistance = […]

Observe and investigate

My aim for this experiment is to observe and investigate how high a bug-up toy can jump. The jump will be measured and for variation I will add plastercine to prove if it will alter the height of the jump. Method: In order to do this experiment I am going to be using one bug-up […]

Ethnic backgrounds¬† Measured child’s

The purpose of the report is to analyze the two major factors that affect how we develop which are genetic and environmental variations. I have presented my data in a table, line graph and bar chart. I also composed a questionnaire. My major conclusions are that genes mostly affect the child’s physical features. Introduction I […]

The electrons will lose energy

Based on my scientific knowledge, I feel that the shorter the length of wire, the less resistance there will be, and vice-versa – the longer the length of wire then the more resistance there will be. I have based this prediction on the knowledge that when the wire increase in length, the more current will […]

The rate of energy loss

My aim is to investigate the rate of energy loss in different types of cups by thermal radiation. Def: Radiation is a process when heat is sent from one place to another, by waves, without heating the space in between. Def: Conduction is when energy is passed from one vibrating atom to the next. Def: […]

Electricity and Magnetism section

My Aim “My aim is to find out how much energy is released when burning different types of crisps and to find which one releases the most energy. ” Walkers Hula Hoops French fries Peak Potatoes 34 g/100g of fat = 2200kJ/100g of energy 28. 1g/100g of fat = 2106kJ/100g of energy 17g/100g fat= 1800kJ/100g […]