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OASIS PI Meeting
July 24 - 27, 2001, Santa Fe, NM
Tuesday, July 24, 2001
0700 - 0800 Registration/Continental Breakfast
0800 - 0830 Administrative Remarks and Program Manager’s Welcome, Dr. Jaynarayan Lala (DARPA)
0830 - 0900 Engineering a Distributed Intrusion Tolerant Database System Using COTS Components Peng Liu (Univ of Maryland, Baltimore County)
0900-0930 A Binary Agent Technology for COTS Software Integrity Richard Schooler (InCert Software Corp)
0930-1000 Agile Objects – Component-based Inherent Survivability Andrew Chien (UC, San Diego)
1000-1030  Enterprise Wrappers Mark Feldman (NAI Labs)
1030 - 1045 Break
1045-1115  Enterprise Wrappers Bob Balzer (Teknowledge)
1115-1145  Integrity Through Mediated Interfaces Bob Balzer (Teknowledge)
1145-1215 Interception and Analysis Framework for Win32 Scripts Tim Hollebeek (Cigital Corporation)
1215-1230 Group Discussion
1230-1330 Lunch 
1330-1400  A Comprehensive Approach for Intrusion Tolerance Based on Intelligent Compensating Middleware Amjad Umar (Telcordia)
1400-1430  Active Trust Management for Autonomous Adaptive Survivable Systems Howard Shrobe (MIT)
1430-1500  Computational Resiliency Susan Older (Syracuse University)
1500-1530 Randomized Failover Intrusion Tolerant Systems (RFITS) Ranga Ramanujan (Architecture Technology Corp)
1530-1545  Break 
1545-1615  Tolerating Intrusions Through Secure System Reconfiguration Alexander Wolf (Univ of Colorado)
1615-1645 Dependable Intrusion Tolerance Alfonso Valdes (SRI International)
1645-1700  Group Discussion
1700-1800 Sidebars 
1800- 2000 No-host Social 
1830- 2030 Demonstrations 
Wednesday, July 25, 2001
0700 - 0800 Registration/Continental Breakfast
0800 - 0830 Intrusion Tolerant Server Infrastructure Dick O’Brien (Secure Computing Corporation)
0830 - 0900 SITAR: A Scalable Intrusion –Tolerant Architecture for Distributed Services Feiyi Wang (MCNC)
0900-0930 Hierarchical Adaptive Control for QoS Intrusion Tolerance Jim Just (Teknowledge)
0930-1000 Intrusion Tolerant Software Architecture Bruno Dutertre (SRI International)
1000-1015  Break 
1015-1045  Autonomix: Component, Network, and System Autonomy Crispin Cowan (Wire-X Communications, Inc.)
1045-1115  Survivability Analysis via Model Checking John McHugh (CMU, SEI)
Flow Structures and the FSQ Framework:  A Basis for System Survivability Specification and Design John McHugh (CMU, SEI)
1115-1145 Aspect-Oriented Programming Gary McGraw (Cigital)
1145-1200 Group Discussion
1200-1300 Lunch 
1300-1330  Dependence Graphs for Information Assurance of Systems Tim Teitelbaum (Grammatech, Inc.)
1330-1400 IA Management Requirements Steve Dawson (SRI International)
1400-1430 New Approaches to Mobile Code: Reconciling Execution Efficiency with Provable Security Michael Franz (UC, Irvine)
1430-1445 Break 
1445-1515  Intrusion Tolerant Distributed Object Systems Greg Tally (NAI Labs)
1515-1545 Self Protecting Mobile Agents Lee Badger (NAI Labs)
1545-1610  Efficient Code Certification for Open Firmware Matt Stillerman (ORA)
1610-1630 Novel Applications of Military Science to Intrusion Tolerant Systems Matt Stillerman (ORA)
1630-1650 Intelligent Active Profiling for Detection and Intent Inference of Insider Threat in Information Systems Joao Cabrera (Scientific Systems Company, Inc)
1650-1700 Group Discussion
1700-1800 Sidebars 
1900-2030 Reception at Hacienda Balzer (Tentative) 
2100 (est) Opera (Optional) 
Thursday, July 26, 2001
0700 - 0800 Registration/Continental Breakfast
0800 - 0830 A High Security Information System Joe Johnson (Univ. of S. Carolina)
0830-0900 Java VMs and Security Gary McGraw (Cigital)
0900-0930 Where Fault Tolerance and Security Meet Fred Schneider (Cornell University)
0930-1000 Scaling Proof-Carrying Code to Production Compilers and Security Policies Andrew Appel (Princeton University)
1000-1015 Break 
1015-1045  A Distributed Framework for Perpetually Available and Secure Information Systems Greg Ganger (CMU)
1045-1115 Intrusion Tolerance by Unpredictable Adaptation (IT by UA) Partha Pal (BBN Technologies)
1115-1145  Intrusion Tolerance Using Masking, Redundancy, and Dispersion Janet Lepanto (Draper Lab)
1145-1200 Group Discussion 
1200-1300 Lunch 
1300-1500 Technical Validation Workshop 
Dale Johnson
Andrew Appel
Janet Lepanto
Bill Sanders
Greg Ganger
1500-1515  Break 
1515-1700 Workshop (Survivability Validation)
1700-1800 Sidebars 
Friday, July 27, 2001
0700 - 0800 Registration/Continental Breakfast
0800 Applying Common Criteria to Security Requirements
0815 IFIPWG 10.4 Terminology
0830 Finalized Validation Framework
0915 - 1130 OASIS Integration Workshop
Carl Landwehr
Partha Pal/Bill Sanders
Bob Balzar
Group Sessions (Clusters/Justification)
Group Report Out

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