Self-regenerative Systems (SRS) Program

Phase I Information
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General Program Information
Updated SRS Program Abstract
2004 Program Abstract
SRS Phase I Publications
Kick-off Meeting
CORTEX-Mission-Aware Closed-Loop Cyber Assessment and Response
Detecting and Preventing Misuse of Privilege
Diversity Algorithms for Worrisome Software and Networks-DAWSON
GENESIS-A Framework For Achieving Component Diversity
Increasing Intrusion Tolerance Via Scalable Redundancy
Learning and Repair Techniques for Self-Healing Systems
Mitigating the Insider Threat using High-dimensional Search and Modeling
Pervasive Self-Regeneration through Concurrent Model-Based Execution
PM Welcome
QuickSilver-Middleware for Scalable Self-Regenerative Systems
Scalability, Accountability and Instant Information Access for Network Centric Warfare
January 2005 PI Meeting
July 2005 PI Meeting
December 2005 PI Meeting