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OASIS Program Project Summaries

A Binary Agent Technology for COTS Software Integrity - InCert Software Corporation

Active Trust Management fro Autonomous Adaptive Survivable Systems - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Agile Objects: Component-based Inherent Survivability - University of California, San Diego

A Comprehensive Approach for Intrusion Tolerance Based on Intelligent Compensating Middleware - Telcordia Technologies Inc. Morristown NJ

Computational Resiliency - Syracuse University

Containment and Integrity for Mobile Code - Cornell University

Dependable Intrusion Tolerance - SRI International

Engineering a Distributed Intrusion Tolerant Database System Using COTS Components - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Hierarchical Adaptive Control for QoS Intrusion Tolerance (HACQIT) - Teknowledge Corporation

Integrity Through Mediated Interfaces - Information Sciences Institute

Intrusion Tolerant Distributed Object Systems - Trusted Information Systems, NAI Labs, Network Associates, Inc.

Intrusion Tolerant Server Infrastructure - Secure Computing Corporation

Intrusion Tolerant Software Architectures - SRI International

Intrusion Tolerance by Unpredictable Adaptation - BBN Technologies

Intrusion Tolerance Using Masking, Redundancy and Dispersion - The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

New Approaches to Mobile Code: Reconciling Execution Efficiency With Provable Security - University of California, Irvine

A Distributed Framework for Perpetually Available and SecureInformation Systems - Carnegie Mellon University

Randomized Failover Intrusion Tolerant Systems (RFITS) - Architecture Technology Corporation

Sandboxing Mobile Code Execution Environments - Reliable Software Technologies

Scaling Proof-Carrying Code to Production Compilers and Security Policies - Princeton University and Yale University

Self Protecting Mobile Agents - NAI Labs

SITAR-Scalable Intrusion-Tolerant Architecture - MCNC, Duke

Tolerating Intrusions Through Secure System Reconfiguration ITS - Universities of Colorado, Virginia, and California

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