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2000 Project Summary
Intrusion Tolerance Using Masking, Redundancy and Dispersion
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

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Develop an ITS architecture that supports layered defenses and provides resilience to attacks by:
(1) limiting an attacker’s ability to ascertain the current state of the system configuration;
(2) enabling a system to tolerate subtle attacks whose characteristics are not known a priori;
(3) guaranteeing data integrity in the face of a successful attack on one of the servers.


(1) Adapt key concepts from fault-tolerant computing to address subtle attacks that may elude firewalls and algorithms that look for patterns of abnormal behavior
(a) masking faults so that their effects do not propagate to the system ‘output’
(b) rollback of execution to an uncompromised system state to recover from the effects of a fault
(c) synchronization to enable voting among redundant copies of data

(2) Incorporate these concepts in an ITS composed largely of untrusted unmodified COTS servers and databases augmented by a small set of trusted components

(3) Test these concepts in a series of phased experiments

Recent FY-99/FY-00 Accomplishments:

This project began 1 July 2000.

FY-00 Plans:

During FY00, we will develop and evaluate an initial implementation of the front end of our Basic Architecture for the disruption of attacks. We plan to implement an initial Gateway and Configuration Manager to provide fingerprint masking and dynamic assignment of transactions to three servers running different operating systems.

Technology Transition:

Mechanisms for technology transfer to DARPA, other government agencies, the Services, and industry include:
(1) formal documentation of the development and analysis of the prototype algorithms at the conclusion of each phase of our proposed effort
(2) documentation of the results of experiments
(3) technical papers published in the open literature and presented at conferences and workshops
(4) leveraging our Team’s link to government agencies with vested interests in ITS technology
(5) supporting government source selection for manufacturing and licensing our ITS technology

Principal Investigator:

Janet Lepanto
Draper Laboratory
555 Technology Sq., Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-258-4237
Fax: 617-258-2942

Admin Contact:  Jennifer Sheehan
Draper Laboratory
555 Technology Sq., Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-258-3135
Fax: 617-258-1301